The Mother of Muses

MAAZMag is a website designed for artistic students at Richard Bland College and the Community beyond. This site is a space for the creative projects, products, and ideas that are buzzing around our community. MAAZMag is a reflection of what people are making, doing, thinking, saying.

What is MAAZMag?

MAAZ is for the people who know, when they hear the cliche, "thinking outside the box", that there really isn't a box. This is what's happening outside the usual, imagined constratins.

Links and pages are entirely the product of student voices. They most assuredly are not intended to represent the views of the administration in any way.

We know there are musicians, poets, photographers, fashionistas, and writers out there. If you want to share your work with an appreciative, creative community, contact Jarohn Tolber, Art Director, at, and get yourself online.

Lina Kim, The Giant's Boot from Jack and the Beanstalk, Carboard

Michelle Delano

Faculty Sponser

Richard Bland College of Willam and Mary

Petersburg, Va, USA

Lina Kim, Treasure, Recylced Material

Jarohn Tolbert

Lucid Dreaming,


Leeana Gilmer, Into the Light,


Brittany Jones Mask, Graphite.

Brittany Jones 6 Photo 2-1 Treasure Treasure leanna gilmer charcoal 2 The grand thievery of the Boot